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Drive Customers THrough Onine Search and Build Your Reputation

Rapid control of your business online

New contact information? Change in Opening Hours? Out of Stock or Discontinued Brands? Out of office Phone Number? Saymore gives you the control to redirect critical business information fast across more than 30 digital platforms, all with a single click. Login and do it yourself, or call us and we will make the changes for

A good reputation is good for business

Potential customers base decision on reviews they read. Get an instant notification when someone writes about you, respond quickly with useful feedback or appreciation. Push your reputation score and reviews from google or facebook to your website, or invite and use our propitiatory review engine with full control to block spam reviews.

Match and Lock the important search facts about your business

Your company data is secured. You keep control. The Match and Lock system ensures that your data is locked so that only you can change it across popular maps, apps, and social platforms and listing engines that consumers use to find and choose you

Why Saymore

Always say the right thing in the right place

Control the facts of your business where customers find you.

Saymore is hub that provides a single source of truth about your business and publishes it across the platforms that matter to your customers, creating compelling listings and driving your off-site SEO; from locations, holiday hours, seasonal promotions to FAQs and professional credentials.

Harness your star power today

A Good Online Reputation Is Good For Business


Online reviews were considered an afterthought – or a bonus if you got a good one for your business. Today, reviews are an invaluable tool when it comes to building your reputation, and turning online eyeballs into real-world business.


Saymore gives you the power to respond quickly from one dashboard, understand and act up on your strengths and weaknesses by giving a rich analysis of your reviews. You can also request reviews during your sales process using the Saymore review engine giving you full control to publish them on your website and suppress spam reviews

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With 50 years experience in connecting Irish businesses to customers, you can trust us to deliver your 5 star business listing experience
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€40 - €75
Setup Fee: €130 - €350
Get the 5 Star Experience:
Enhanced Business Listings,
Power Up Voice Searches,
Drive Off-Site SEO,
Run Google Offers,
Increase Reputation
Monthly Updates & Management Included:
Dedicated Account Manager,
Daily Ongoing Support (Mon-Fri),
Real-Time Updates,
Post Google Events & Offers,
Seasonal Promotions,
Unlimited Photos,
Accurate Navigation
& Opening Hours,
Holiday Opening Hours

Saymore About Your Business

More Clicks And More Conversions

Increase online visibility

Local search engines like Google help consumers find answers and discover new businesses, make sure your business is visible and interesting to win the click and turn it into a real life sale

Leave competitors behind

Compare your company with no less than 5 of your main competitors. Monitor their average score.

Instant control for rapid changes

With a single click, you can immediately change your company information on more than 30 digital platforms to ensure you stay connected with your customers in rapidly evolving times.

Lock your company data

Your company data is secured. You keep control. The “Match & Lock” system ensures that your data is locked so that only you can change it.

AI engine to analysis your reviews

Saymore’s sentiment analysis shows the hidden trends in your reviews, star team members, key products or strategies on the ground that are simply not working.

Request reviews from customers and post them on your website.

With Saymore first party reviews you can build a strong review base by inviting customers to leave you feedback. Send a review request link by email or SMS to a recent customer. You will also have the power to respond to feedback in a way that drives your business forward and post to your website

Engage with customers on their terms.

An effective review response strategy enables you to engage productively with your customers addressing negative feedback, and acknowledging happy customers.

No-guesswork notifications.

Review Notifications alert you the moment Saymore detects a new review.

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